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6 Wedding Cake Trends

Move over cupcakes, these wedding cakes will dominate the dessert course.

by The Knot

6 Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding Cake Trend 1: Buttercream-frosted Cakes

There’s nothing more irresistible than buttercream frosting piped on thick. Go back to basics — have your wedding cake covered with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate or just-wanna-lick-the-bowl buttercream.

Wedding Cake Trend 2: Haute Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate isn’t just for groom’s cakes: This pleated chocolate cake, accented with oversized sugar flowers proves it.

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Wedding Cake Trend 3: Playful Lines

Two-dimensional pop art-style orange sugar flowers add a little rowdiness to a very square, symmetrical cake that’s trimmed with orange and white-striped fondant bands.

Wedding Cake Trend 4: Sophisticated Monograms

A monogram this stately — hand-painted in a scripted style on a beveled gold sugar plaque — really deserves a regal backdrop. Soft, hand-painted golden leaves, crimped tiers, and simple yellow bands do the trick.

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Wedding Cake Trend 5: Cake Trios

Small white square cakes mimic the main attraction — a white-three-tiered fondant cake with a punched-out blue and orange vine pattern. Blue sugar-made hydrangeas soften the look while simple risers (no plastic columns here!) add height to the display.

Wedding Cake Trend 6: Global Patterns

Consider your wedding cake to be the perfect opportunity to honor your heritage. This pattern, reminiscent of an old-world Spanish tile design, was hand-painted onto sugar plaques.

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