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Save-the-Date Ideas for Destination Weddings

A wedding far away calls for an extra special save-the-date. Get inspired by one of these fun ideas.

by The Knot

Save-the-Date Ideas for Destination Weddings

For most of your guests, a destination wedding means holiday time. So why not set the relaxed vibe right from the get-go? Consider one of these customised save-the-dates, guaranteed to get guests excited about your wedding — and their upcoming getaway.

Beach theme

For a beach wedding, create a “message in a bottle.” Roll up your documents, tie them with a bit of twine or a tiny rope, and put them in a bottle with sand and seashells.

Winter setting

For a winter destination wedding, mail out customised snow globes with a picture of you two and the details.

Country club style

If you’re asking guests to travel to a luxe resort or a country club in your parents’ hometown, have golf balls engraved with your personal information. Cut out a tiny square of Astroturf or fake grass and send each in a box with the golf ball on top.

Postcards from afar

Send postcards from the town where you’re holding the affair. For bonus points, send them in one envelope to a local planner who can mail them — that way, they’ll have a destination postmark.

Set the scene

Lay local colour over your invites by including paper currency, exotic greenery like a banana leaf, or a vellum sheet printed with a historical map of the town.

Think local

Send cards that match your formal wedding invites but add a locale-themed twist, like a drawing of a local landmark or a stamp celebrating the state.

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