Bridesmaid Fashion: Beautiful Maternity Dresses For An Expecting Bridesmaid!

You’ve gone through the process of choosing your bridesmaids – a couple of your favourite girlfriends and family members. You’ve decided that they should wear matching dresses in a style and colour you love. So what do you do if in a couple of months time one of the girls announces she’s pregnant and due just a couple of weeks after your wedding!?

If you suspect that this could happen, don’t fret, you can always plan ahead and select a dress that also comes in a maternity version like these gorgeous styles below.

AnabelDress: Whiterunway — Anabel, $189

a0fba-Holly-Long-MaternityDress: Bridesmaids Only — Holly Long, $495

CarlaDress: Whiterunway — Carla, $320

bella_lilac__02219.1365821280.1280.1280 fashionably yoursDress: Fashionably Yours Bella, $200

HilaryDress: Whiterunway — Hilary, $295

HonourDress: Whiterunway — Honour, $199

71a2f-Holly-Short-Maternity bridesmaids onlyDress: Bridesmaids Only — Holly Short, $420

KristenDress: Whiterunway — Kristen, $265

RoxanneDress: Whiterunway — Rozanne, $360

Is there a chance one of your bridesmaids could be expecting?

by Viva Vayspap




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