Real Honeymoon: Rebecca & Justin in South East Asia

Thai food lovers Rebecca and Justin were looking to do a mix of relaxing and exploring for their honeymoon. Ultimately, they decided on Thailand, with a four-day visit to Cambodia.

Budget: $7,000
Time of Year: November
Length of Trip: 22 days
Travel Time: 20 hours from New York City
Where They Stayed: On Koh Phi Phi Don in Thailand, the couple spent two nights at Viking Natures Resort for the adventure part of their trip (but they also enjoyed the spectacular beach). Then they headed to the Koh Mook Sivalai Beach Resort in Koh Mook, Thailand, to relax. With private villas that have beautiful near-360-degree views of the ocean, it’s not hard to see why Rebecca calls it “the best location on earth.” Their last stop was the centrally located Asadang in Bangkok for some sightseeing.

– Amanda Black

Rebecca & Justin in South East Asia - Husband & Wife

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