6 Regal Honeymoon Ideas

Just like their royal predecessors, Kate and William will likely keep their honeymoon under wraps, meaning we won’t get many details about where they’re going. So we came up with a few good royal-worthy honeymoon hot spots of our own.

Jodhpur, India

Why you’ll love it: Surrounded by majestic palaces, dazzling jewellery, exquisite gardens with resident peacocks, and relics of princely history, you’ll wonder when your horse-drawn (or elephant-drawn) carriage is going to appear in this medieval Rajasthani city.

Where to stay: If it’s good enough for The King, or Maharaja, to live in…then you can expect a lavish stay at Umaid Bhawan Palace. One part of this immense sandstone palace, fashioned in Art Deco design, serves as the primary residence of Jodhpur’s royal family. A second section is an opulent hotel, and another is an antiquities museum, which you can peruse while sipping champagne. TajHotels.com

Royal Bonus: Since every respected royal should do some handshaking with locals, go on a “Village Safari” excursion. You’ll visit villagers and craftspeople in the countryside and spy wildlife (gazelles, antelope) along the way.

6 Regal Honeymoon Ideas - Jodhpur, India

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