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July 2013!

Sun 11 Dec 2011 13:26PM posts 10

We are looking at getting married in July 2013…gives us 1.5 years to plan, and a much cooler month – means perfect makeup and no sweating for the groom/smen!!


We are looking at getting married in July 2013…gives us 1.5 years to plan, and a much cooler month – means perfect makeup and no sweating for the groom/smen!!

Sun 11 Dec 2011 13:26PM


Yay! Someone else in 2013! :D

Wed 14 Dec 2011 21:58PM


Fri 13 Jan 2012 04:38AM


Similar reasons as to why we picked July 2013… I prefer cool weather anyway. The date we’ve picked is the 20th of July – we did want the 13th for good numerology, but that was my partner’s sister’s 30th birthday, and when we asked her if she would mind, she wouldn’t talk to us for a week. I keep getting a lot of ‘oh, that is so far away’, but I really need the time to plan it, and time to save up for it!

Fri 13 Jan 2012 11:10AM


We are getting married in July 2013 as well!! Nice to hear that others are too, its such an exciting time right now !! We are getting married on the 6th of July My birthday actually and the day falls on a Saturday

I am getting a similar reaction " Oh that’s far away" from alot of people. But with both of us working full time its gives us time to plan and save for it!

Thu 9 Feb 2012 23:56PM


Wow, im so excited to hear of some other July ‘13’ brides :).

I too am getting the its so far away,  but am very grateful for the planning time.

My date is the 6th of July 2013 and my wedding is down in wollongong, which is extra exciting for me as I am actually a Sydney bride or more a western suburbs bride, any details anyone wants to talk about their weddings I am more than happy to hear about them because i am completely wedding crazy atm! :P

Wed 29 Feb 2012 23:18PM


Another July ’13 bride here, my wedding is booked for the 20th July!

We chose July because I am studying teaching at university and it had to be in the uni holidays, as well as during a time when I wouldn’t be out in a school doing student teaching. We originally planned for November 2013, but I’ll be finishing up my degree and looking for jobs then, and it would be way too busy. Plus, it’s not so hot so we don’t have to worry about a sweaty groom!

Tue 5 Jun 2012 00:35AM


hi there brides to be …. i hope that you all as excited as me….eeeeeeepp
we have picked our date as the 20th july 2013 
im in brisbane and am madly looking for wedding venues .
we chose july because of the weather and also its cheaper in winter :)
also my FH is irish and some of his family are coming to oz for our wedding and any other time of the year they would melt. hahah and we wouldnt want that .
happy planing ladies 

Sun 15 Jul 2012 10:35AM

April Victoria

Trine02! We’re 6th July 2013 as well.
Very, VERY excited!

Mon 6 Aug 2012 20:26PM

Krystal G

yay more july brides :) we picked the 13th as it works best for us we wanted it close to our “anniversary” but within school holidays plus i love the numbers 13 & 7 :) not long now how are everyones plans coming along?

Sat 2 Feb 2013 02:14AM

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