Wedding Proposals Gone Wrong!

“My fiance had an entire day planned of reliving our best memories on the day of the anniversary of the day we met. Everything from getting donuts at the shop we always got breakfast from, to the theater where we saw our first movie together, to the Starbucks where we had our first date. After getting donuts from our favourite shop, we went to see a movie where we saw our first one together. In the middle of the movie, I got sick and ran to the bathroom. As it turns out, I had a minor concussion from an incident the night before, and I was feeling the effects. I spent the entire night in the hospital. The following night, he was taking me to my parents’ house, but I fell asleep on the way. I woke up to him carrying me to the place where we always eat lunch together in a park, and he proposed to me — despite all the medicine-induced loopiness and the late hour!”

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A Knock-Out Proposal

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