Today I’m Loving: Map Wedding Details

A map wedding theme is simple, graphic and budget-friendly.

by Erin Whitty

Today I’m Loving: Map Wedding Details

If you’re a closest cartologist or love world exploration, consider making maps your wedding theme.

Map-Paper-Garlands-MintAfternoon Etsy

Photocopy them, cut them up, wrap them around table numbers and napkin rings or deck your ceilings with fabulous map paper garlands like these ones from Mint Afternoon (

Nail the look (and save some money) with reproductions of vintage maps. You can find copies (re-purposed as wrapping paper) at Zetta Florence in Melbourne (, Paper2 ( in Sydney and boutique gift shops all ’round Australia.

Map Escort Cards

Is there a city or country that means something to you both? Use maps of the area to tell your story.

travel-themed table numbers

Simple but effective: adhere maps to table numbers.

Vintage-Map-Sticker-Seals Etsy

It’s all in the details. Tie your look together with these Vintage Map Sticker Seals from Happy August (


Or decorate on a much larger scale with this World Map Wall Decal at Vinyl Impression (

Are you using maps in your wedding?



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