Maternity options – fit for a bridesmaid!

A simple style variation for expecting bridesmaids ensures a perfect match

by Viva Vayspap

Maternity options – fit for a bridesmaid!

You’ve gone through the process of choosing your bridesmaids. A couple of your favourite girlfriends and a couple of family members. You’re set on traditional matching dresses and have plenty of time to choose the style and colour you like. So what do you do if a couple of months down the track one of the girls announces she’s pregnant … and due a couple of weeks after your wedding!

If this is scenario you suspect could happen, you can always plan ahead and select a dress that also comes in a maternity version – like this style from Bridesmaids Only shown below.

The empire silhouette is flattering, regardless of size and the skirt drapes and glides over hips – and any other bumps!

“Holly” slight sweetheart strapless neckline with gathered empire waist dress short $430, long $495

Is there a chance one of your bridesmaids could be expecting?

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