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This Is Probably the Most Unfortunate Wedding Photo Ever

There’s lots of reasons to jump for joy in a wedding photo — but kicking a bridesmaid in the face definitely isn’t one of them. Tyler Foster of Spokane, Washington, posted a photo on Reddit taken at his cousin’s wedding in Jamaica and it immediately went viral for obvious reasons.

Tyler originally titled the post, “So I jumped, kicked this bridesmaid in the head, and ripped my pants.” That pretty much sums it up!

We sincerely hope the bridesmaid wasn’t hurt and that someone at the reception had a needle and thread on them.

See the image below:

Toe Touch Wedding Picture: Tyler Foster /

Image: KREM TV via Tyler Foster

Tell us Knotties, what has been the craziest wedding photo you’ve ever seen?

The 12 Bridesmaids You’ll Find in Almost Every Bridal Party – In GIF’s

Bridal parties are their own mix of fun and quirky personalities. From the friend who’s played bridesmaid in countless weddings to the one who will inevitably have a few too many drinks at the rehearsal dinner and tell everyone about that one time in college, each person plays their own role in the wedding party. It’s that combo of friends — all together on your wedding day there to support you through this huge moment in your life — that makes having a bridal party so special. See what we’re talking about right here.

1. The Veteran

Tumblr Via: Giphy

2. The Self-Appointed Wedding Planner 
Tumblr Via: Giphy

3. The One Who Hates the Dresses You Picked
Tumblr Via: Giphy

4. The Bridezilla Patrol 
Via: Tumblr

5. The Over-Emotional One 
Tumblr Via: Giphy

6. The Party Animal
Via: Tumblr

7. The Personal Wedding Paparazzo 

Via: Tumblr

8. The One on a Crash Diet 
Tumblr Via: Giphy

9. The “Samantha Jones” 
Tumblr Via: Giphy

10. The Anxious Bachelorette 
Via: Tumblr

11. The One With the Inappropriate Speech
Via: Tumblr

12. And The One Who Keeps You Laughing Through All the Stress
Via: Tumblr
Tell us Knotties, which one of these bridesmaids do you have in your bridal party?

See the Stunning Wedding Dress That Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Designed!

Is Mary-Kate Olsen experimenting for her own wedding? The bride-to-be and her sister Ashley Olsen, co-founders of the luxury label The Row, teamed up to create a custom wedding dress (their first foray into bridal fashion) for their stylist friend Molly Fishkin’s uber-chic wedding in June.

The fashion designers made an ethereal lace gown for the bride with a scalloped neckline and delicate bell sleeves complemented by a matching floor-length lace veil, which Molly paired with Manolo Blahnik crocodile slides.

“My dress was a special collaboration between me and my dear friends Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen of The Row,” Molly told Vogue. “Designing my gown with them was the most exciting and emotional experience of my life, and I will never forget what they did for me. They are very close friends of mine and have been for the last 15 years. The minute I got engaged, they said they would love to design my wedding dress. I was thrilled — their taste is impeccable, and I really trust them. Their team was so incredible and patient with me. They were always so calming and made the process incredibly enjoyable.”

Molly and her husband, producer Asher Levin, wed at the Paramour Mansion in Los Angeles in front of 130 guests (including Molly’s grandmother Steve Nicks) and dined on food including slow-cooked salmon, flank steak and broccolini with white beans.

See more photos of Molly and Asher’s beautiful wedding, photographed by Heather Kincaid, below:

Mary-Kate Olsen Wedding Dress: Heather Kincaid /

Heather Kincaid for Vogue

Mary-Kate Olsen Wedding Dress: Heather Kincaid /

Heather Kincaid for Vogue

Mary-Kate Olsen Wedding Dress: Heather Kincaid /

Heather Kincaid for Vogue

Mary-Kate Olsen Wedding Dress: Heather Kincaid /

Heather Kincaid for Vogue

Mary-Kate Olsen Wedding Dress: Heather Kincaid /

Heather Kincaid for Vogue

Mary-Kate Olsen Wedding Dress: Heather Kincaid /

Heather Kincaid

 Tell us Knotties, what do you think of the Olsen’s first wedding dress design?

Quiz: What’s Your Bridal Style?

Image: Hills in Hollywood


Blake Lively Accidentally Burned Her Wedding Dress!

It’s hard to imagine there’s a part of Blake Lively‘s wardrobe that isn’t 100-percent perfect — especially her couture Marchesa wedding dress — but in Vogue‘s August issue, the actress reveals that her gown was met with a sad fate during her and Ryan Reynolds’s 2012 wedding reception.

Blake Lively: Getty /
Image: Getty

“I get really frustrated when something goes wrong,” Blake says. “For example, my wedding dress. Florence Welch was singing at the reception, and they brought out these sparklers, and I’m watching her sing. I look down and my wedding dress has a big burn mark from one of the sparklers. Right on the front! And it was just so heartbreaking to me.”

She continues:

“And later, my dress was hanging up and Ryan said, ‘Isn’t that beautiful?’ I said, ‘What?’ And he pointed to the burn. My heart just stopped, because it was such a sensitive little subject. And he said, ‘You’ll always remember that moment with Florence singing and the sparklers. You have that forever, right there, preserved.’ Now that’s my favorite part of the dress.”

Aaaaand now that’s one more reason why we’re in love with Ryan Reynolds — a man who sees beauty in the tiny imperfections. Swoon. But he’s right — when you have Florence Welch singing to you and your gorgeous husband at your gorgeous wedding and you’re wearing Marchesa, you kind of can’t be too mad.

Tell us Knotties, have you had any wedding dress mishaps?

Bowties, Vodka and Burlesque: Insider Secrets to Planning a Hens

There’s nothing more exciting than being in control and planning the hens night of your BFF’s dreams. But there’s so much more to it than meets the eye! Rather than create a night to suit your dreams it’s important to ask the bride what she wants and how she wants to wave goodbye to singledom. We sat down with Nyree from My Ultimate Hens so she could share all her tips and tricks that will help you do just that. Here’s Nyree’s story:

Image: My Ultimate Hens 

So your bestie gets engaged and bestows on you the honour of being her maid…and with that comes the enchanting responsibility of arranging her hens-do! “Fantastic!” you think – This is going to be awesome!” Well, that is what I thought initially too…

This of course was way back when, in 2009 when all my friends were getting engaged and for the first time in my life the postman carried more invites than bills. I really really (Read: borderline obsessive) loved weddings, but it slowly dawned on me that this whole ‘planning the hens’ saga was a perhaps a double edged sword – more weddings amongst my circle of friends equalled more hens parties…which inevitably meant more competition for Best Friend Ever title. I am ashamed at this point to admit that my inner-competitive-wonder-woman (whom I call Lolita) reared her sparkly horns.

Many hours of research went into my mission. And, in an epiphany at the bleary eyed hour of 1am after two four glasses of champers and many disappointing hours of googling, voicemail message-banks and uninspiring pics of men adorned in bunny ears, it dawned on me that there may just be place in this world for a company who could not only help out with my dilemma, but also (gasp) make it FUN! So to cut this blog down from essay sized to actually readable, I created My Ultimate. The idea behind My Ultimate, was to re-discover hens do’s for what they really are – a wonderful, cherished and rare opportunity to spend quality time with the girls.

I knew in my soul of soul sisters that what my bestie really wanted was a glam send off – preferably something like sipping daiquiris on a yacht with no sign whatsoever of an L plate or a gyrating man dressed supposedly as Jack Sparrow. Anywho, as I excitedly ventured through the world of all things bachelorette, my inner Lolita was forced into a frenzy over a concern we were hearing from so many of our amazing brides on the phone: they were asking us to save their fiancés from a Friday night pub crawl with a standard strip show. Look, don’t get me wrong – we still love a bit of cheek but are more inclined for it to be sexy rather than sleazy, and it must be done with style.

So it was with huge excitement that after many years in the dazzling world of bowties, vodka and burlesque that is hens & bucks parties…I was asked to come on as a guest blogger amongst my fellow Knotties to share my top tips for planning a hens-do! After a brainstorming sesh with my colleagues and a few too many margaritas we decided that the best thing to do would be to allow readers to peak behind the bejewelled champagne bottles for just a moment, and for me to be as honest as I can possibly be, sans fluff. Because whilst Google-ing ‘tips on organising hens’ will present a flourish of tried and tested theories (yawn), they aren’t necessarily going to give your leading lady the damn fabulous send off she deserves and desires.

So, having said that…here they are:

1. Bridesmaids v’s Monster of Bride

How many times have we had two phone lines light up for the same hen’s party? Brides Mum is on line one thinking classic high tea, and the MOH is on line two convinced that the bride has requested ‘cocktail making’ and a ‘topless waiter’. Avoid this by talking to the bride about what she doesn’t want, as well as what she does – and if you’ve got a real Mumzilla on your hands maybe get it in writing as a back-up.

2. Unleash Lolita

You have been asked to do this – so channel your inner Lolita and unleash some of that confidence that your bride already has in you. Taking suggestions and opinions on board is one thing, being swayed by the old school friend with an overbearing personality is another.

Image: My Ultimate Hens 

3. OTT themes

Everyone loves a themed party, but not when a good theme goes bad. Relaxed rather than full on fancy dress is soooo much better. And no, it does not matter if the seat material in the restaurant clashes with your purple invites (And yes, this was a serious concern that came through to our office). Some of my fave themes atm include ‘a touch of sparkle’ or ‘unleash your inner Gatsby gal.’

4. Can you ever have enough abs serving you cocktails?

Actually, um…yes. As much as that statement may impinge on my business (being in the business of selling topless waiters and all..) One waiter = good. Four waiters = bad. It can just become awkward! As an average, for a party of 20, 1 to 2 lots of muscles is more than enough man to go round, pose for photos and make the hen feel all flirty and fabulous!

Image: AnyaFoto

5. The hen wants what the hen wants

If your hen tells you straight up that she has always wanted to do a burlesque dance class for her hens, then it is a burlesque dance class that she gets – regardless that the last 20 hens parties you attended were burlesque dance classes. Just because she isn’t the first person to ever celebrate a hens in your circle of friends doesn’t mean she’s any less deserving of the send off she desired. The amount of times I have heard…“Yeah, she told me she really wants this, but I did it last weekend.” We love our Maid of Honours enthusiasm to be original but remember: this is about her, not everyone else.

And with that – go forth and conquer MOH’s of Australia! Join the revolution of hens and bucks parties from cringe to classy, all the while sipping on a Cosmo, painting your pedi, listening to how-to-learn-French-on-tape chapter one (again…) and browsing this blog on your Ipad.

Who says multi taking isn’t a good thing?

Nyree x

Tell us Knotties, what do you have planned for your hens? 

We’re Obsessed with Every Detail of this Barefoot Cancun, Mexico Wedding

Even though the weather was stormy and windy in Cancun, Mexico up until moments before their outdoor beach ceremony, Deborah and Larry didn’t mind, because they were able to spend Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and their beautiful wedding with family and friends in an amazing destination location.

Just before guests were seated, the weather lightened up, and Deborah and Larry exchanged vows barefoot in the sand. Translucent gauzy tepees, gorgeous hand-painted wooden signs with famous love quotes written on them, and bay leaf garland aisle runners created a crisp white beachside space. Deborah looked the part in a classic Vera Wang gown and a low chignon with a pretty crystal hairpiece. Her makeup artist (from Southern California-based Beauty by Melina) kept the look soft and romantic with a dewy lipstick and blush.

After the ceremony, the couple and their guests headed inside to a ballroom at Ritz-Carlton Cancun to celebrate the rest of the evening. The night ended with a fun travel-themed groom’s cake and a sparkler send off. Brian LaBrada Photography captured all the beautiful moments below.

Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog

Tell us Knotties, would you ever have a destination wedding? If so where would it be?

A Cute Mickey Mouse Proposal You Have To See

Aussie comedian Jehan Ratnatunga had been away working for YouTube in the US when he returned home to surprise his long time Aussie girlfriend, Vishanti with a cute (and quite elaborate) proposal of a lifetime. Naturally, Jehan had also roped in one her girlfriends to be in on it too.

Jehan’s girlfriend started it all by telling Vishanti that she had a video that she wanted to show her, the video then asked Vishanti to answer the ringing door bell. There, Vishanti was greeted by a customised dance routine that Jehan had organised (and that Vishanti knows by heart). Plus it was filled with all of her favourite things which included: Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Bollywood actor Rajinkanth, Beyonce and Minnie Mouse.

Jehan was of course hiding in one of the Mickey Mouse costumes so you’ll have to check out the video to watch the proposal pan out and we bet her reaction will make your day!

Tell us Knotties, what are some of the cutest proposal stories you’ve ever heard?

10 Creative Ways To Make Your Flower Girl Stand Out

Gone are the days when flower girls wore poofy white dresses and satin ballet flats. Lately, we have noticed brides choosing more trendy ensembles for their small bridal attendants. From cowboy boots to elaborate tulle, these children are working the aisle with their unique style!

1. Flower Crowns

10 Stylish Flower Girl Looks|Laura Murray Photography|

Laura Murray Photography

2. Colorful Dresses

10 Stylish Flower Girl Looks|Ashley Garson Photographers|

Ashley Garmon Photographers

3. Cowboy Boots

10 Stylish Flower Girl Looks|Sam Clark Photography|


4. Patterns

10 Stylish Flower Girl Looks|Braedon Photography|

Braedon Photography

5. Fairy Wings

10 Stylish Flower Girl Looks|Jennifer Lindberg Weddings|

Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

6. Patriotic

10 Stylish Flower Girl Looks|Brinton Studios|

Brinton Studios

7. Country Chic

10 Stylish Flower Girl Looks|Photo Love Photography|

Photo Love Photography

8. Stripes

10 Stylish Flower Girl Looks|Heather Ann Design & Photography|

Heather Ann Design & Photography

9. Tons of Tulle

10 Stylish Flower Girl Looks|Shea Roggio Photography|

Shea Roggio Photography

10. Demask Prints

10 Stylish Flower Girl Looks|Stephen Dohring Photography|

Stephen Dohring Photography

For more flower girl dress ideas ask one of our Children’s Wear suppliers for advice and inspo.

Tell us Knotties, what are your flower girls wearing on your special day?


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