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You’ve Got to See Piper Perabo’s Silver Wedding Dress and Yellow Veil!

Piper Perabo skipped the ‘something blue‘ and went with ‘something yellow’ instead on her wedding day! The Covert Affairs (and yes, the Coyote Ugly) star married director and producer Stephen Kay over the weekend in New York City, and from the looks of it, this was one fun wedding.

Piper Perabo Wedding: Dave Robbins Photography /
Dave Robbins Photography

Piper’s Michael Kors wedding dress certainly earns her points for being a daring bride. She wore a metallic silver and nude long-sleeved gown and with her hair swept up and covered by a yellow tulle veil and held a large bouquet of white roses. We’ve never seen a yellow veil before, but hey, we appreciate the bold look.

Stephen wore a casual blue suit (that could be denim!) and a gray fedora.

You may have seen Piper’s look before on the red carpet though, since Jennifer Lopez wore a similar Michael Kors look at the 2013 Met Gala and Naomi Campbell wore an almost-identical gown in January.

If Piper knew, she clearly didn’t mind, since she looked thrilled and happy on her wedding day (planned by Always a Bridesmaid) walking and laughing alongside Stephen en route to their reception with a New Orleans-style band following them.

The couple got engaged last September after meeting on the Covert Affairs set. Congrats!

What do you think of Piper’s wedding look, Knotties?

Help! How Can I Cut My Guest List?

Maybe your ceremony site can only fit 150 guests, but your current list is much higher than that. Or maybe you’re already over budget and know that the easiest way to save money on your wedding is to start making cuts to your guest list. Don’t worry. A bulging-at-the-seams guest list is a common wedding planning problem, and it has a pretty easy fix.

Invitations | Kacy Jahanbini Photography |
Kacy Jahanbini Photography

The first thing you should do is sit down with your fiance and go over your list. Start putting your guests into two categories (an A list and a B list). The A-list includes absolute must-invites, like your family and close friends. The B-list is everyone else.

The next step is to start weeding out your B-list. To do that, ask yourself: How close are you with this person? When was the last time you saw or spoke to this person? Would having him or her there on your wedding day really make or break your enjoyment? Your answers should help you narrow your list down even further.

Other helpful tricks? Leave off old high school or college friends whom you’re pretty sure you’ll never see again; second and third cousins whose names you can barely remember; and your parents’ extras (unless, of course, your parents are footing the bill). Or make your wedding adults-only (skip anyone under 18). And don’t feel obligated to invite coworkers or business associates.

We know cutting all of these people might make you feel bad, but it’s the easiest way to save money and make sure everyone fits comfortably at your ceremony and reception.

Tell us Knotties, how many people are you planning on having at your wedding? 

Is Charlize Theron Engaged to Sean Penn?

Are Charlize Theron and Sean Penn headed down the aisle soon? That’s what a new sparkler on her ring finger suggests, according to a photo in the New York Daily News.

Charlize Theron: Getty /

The close-up snapshot shows Charlize in an airport rocking some bling on her left hand, but it looks almost identical to the delicate and sparkly leaf-shaped Anita Ko ring that Suki Waterhouse wore when she was thought to be engaged to Bradley Cooper.

While it’s probably just a pretty ring, we’re seriously hoping that Charlize and Sean do get engaged –it’d give us another wedding of Jen/Justin and Angelina/Brad stature to look forward to! The Oscar-winner has said before how she’s never been in a rush to marry, but we can’t help but think how gorgeous she’d look in a wedding dress.

Of their romance, Charlize told Vogue in June, “It just kind of naturally happened, and before I knew it, I was in something that was making my life better — the people who really love me can see the effect it has had on me.”

What do you think, Knotties? Will Charlize and Sean get engaged soon?

This Bride Wore A Wedding Dress Made Entirely Of Flowers

Most brides carry flowers down the aisle, but Leanne wore them! The dress was made entirely of roses, succulents and grass created by London-based floral designer Zita Elze as part of her “Living Embroidery” collection. The fresh flower wedding dress fit right in with the couple’s romantic enchanted woodland style — complete with a butterfly-lined ceremony aisle. Afterward Leanne changed into cap-sleeve sheath dress by Pronovias (which, by the way, was also stunning!). Take a look at Leanne’s fresh flower wedding dress below, photographed by Dorset Wedding Photographer Mister Phill.

Flower Wedding Dress | Mister Phill |
Flower Wedding Dress | Mister Phill |
Flower Wedding Dress | Mister Phill |
Flower Dress | Mister Phill | The Knot Blog
Flower Dress | Mister Phill | The Knot Blog
Flower Wedding Dress | Mister Phill |

Tell us Knotties, would you ever wear flowers on your wedding day? 

This Viral Mother-Son Dance Will Be Hard to Top (Watch!)

Yes, you’ve seen at least a hundred hilarious and crazy-creative viral wedding dance videos, but this one is pretty darn awesome too.

Mother-Son Wedding Dance: Jared Dauenhauer via YouTube /
Image: Jared Dauenhauer via YouTube

Living in different states, Jared and Mary impressively choreographed the entire routine on FaceTime.“We just tried to have fun with it,” Jared told a local news station. “So it was kind of some of the stuff we’ve seen in other wedding videos. And the rest of it was like, ‘How can I get my mom to try to dance hip hop?’”

Jared’s wife, AlLee, was in on the secret too. “I just liked that it was a surprise that people didn’t know it was coming, also I think the ‘Stanky Leg’ part his mom kept calling it the ‘Janky Leg,’” she said.

Watch the video below:

Tell us Knotties, what type of dance will you be doing at your wedding?

10 Guests You’ll See at Every Wedding (in GIFs!)

We know you’ve spent a lot of time editing your guest list again and again and you’ve perfected your seating chart at your venue to minimise drama. And even though your wedding is going to be perfect, there’s still a few guests who are going to be, well, pretty annoying. But don’t worry. It’s not just your wedding. These people are actually at every wedding ever.

1. The person who has one (or five) too many


Some people think the words “open bar” mean “let’s all black out.” This person will be at your wedding, and if you don’t see them, try checking outside. They are probably throwing up in a bush somewhere.

2. That one single guy


There’s probably a few single men at your wedding, but there’s only one who looks like Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum had a perfect baby. He’s the guy all of your bridesmaids just can’t stop talking to.

3. The cryer


It’s perfectly acceptable to cry at weddings, but this guest has basically been sobbing since he/she received your invitation. They’ll be crying throughout the ceremony, during the toasts, when they’re leaving and probably the day after.

4. The rowdy kid

honey-boo-boo-okmagazinePhoto: OK!

You don’t need to worry about this one if you’re having an adults-only wedding, but if there are kids there, watch out for this kid. He will be extra-hyper and try to play hide and seek with everyone and probably run across the dance floor screaming a few times.

5. The OTHER photographer


Even though you just spent loads of money on a professional photographer, your dad just got a new camera and wants to take photos too! But he doesn’t want just one or two, he’s taking them all night. Say cheese!

6. The cake thief


This person is hanging out by the cake getting seconds, thirds and fourths (but that’s totally okay because cake is one of the best foods ever. More power to them!).

7. That one guy nobody knows


You have no clue who this guy is. Is he one of your cousins? A friend’s boyfriend? Some mysteries we’ll just never know the answers to…

8. The snide girl who just got married


It’s your wedding day, but this girl can’t help but compare it to hers. “Oh your lolly bar is so cute, did you know our cake was made of solid gold?”

9. The inappropriate grandma


She’s the cutest grandmother in the world, but at your reception she keeps making remarks like, “That’s a poofy dress, hopefully it’s easy to take off tonight” while winking at your new husband.

10. The complainer


This person will make sure you know how long they had to travel and how much they had to pay in order to come to your wedding. Just smile and grab another glass of champagne. This is your day.

Tell us Knotties do any of these guests ring a bell?  

This Is Probably the Most Unfortunate Wedding Photo Ever

There’s lots of reasons to jump for joy in a wedding photo — but kicking a bridesmaid in the face definitely isn’t one of them. Tyler Foster of Spokane, Washington, posted a photo on Reddit taken at his cousin’s wedding in Jamaica and it immediately went viral for obvious reasons.

Tyler originally titled the post, “So I jumped, kicked this bridesmaid in the head, and ripped my pants.” That pretty much sums it up!

We sincerely hope the bridesmaid wasn’t hurt and that someone at the reception had a needle and thread on them.

See the image below:

Toe Touch Wedding Picture: Tyler Foster /

Image: KREM TV via Tyler Foster

Tell us Knotties, what has been the craziest wedding photo you’ve ever seen?

The 12 Bridesmaids You’ll Find in Almost Every Bridal Party – In GIF’s

Bridal parties are their own mix of fun and quirky personalities. From the friend who’s played bridesmaid in countless weddings to the one who will inevitably have a few too many drinks at the rehearsal dinner and tell everyone about that one time in college, each person plays their own role in the wedding party. It’s that combo of friends — all together on your wedding day there to support you through this huge moment in your life — that makes having a bridal party so special. See what we’re talking about right here.

1. The Veteran

Tumblr Via: Giphy

2. The Self-Appointed Wedding Planner 
Tumblr Via: Giphy

3. The One Who Hates the Dresses You Picked
Tumblr Via: Giphy

4. The Bridezilla Patrol 
Via: Tumblr

5. The Over-Emotional One 
Tumblr Via: Giphy

6. The Party Animal
Via: Tumblr

7. The Personal Wedding Paparazzo 

Via: Tumblr

8. The One on a Crash Diet 
Tumblr Via: Giphy

9. The “Samantha Jones” 
Tumblr Via: Giphy

10. The Anxious Bachelorette 
Via: Tumblr

11. The One With the Inappropriate Speech
Via: Tumblr

12. And The One Who Keeps You Laughing Through All the Stress
Via: Tumblr
Tell us Knotties, which one of these bridesmaids do you have in your bridal party?

See the Stunning Wedding Dress That Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Designed!

Is Mary-Kate Olsen experimenting for her own wedding? The bride-to-be and her sister Ashley Olsen, co-founders of the luxury label The Row, teamed up to create a custom wedding dress (their first foray into bridal fashion) for their stylist friend Molly Fishkin’s uber-chic wedding in June.

The fashion designers made an ethereal lace gown for the bride with a scalloped neckline and delicate bell sleeves complemented by a matching floor-length lace veil, which Molly paired with Manolo Blahnik crocodile slides.

“My dress was a special collaboration between me and my dear friends Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen of The Row,” Molly told Vogue. “Designing my gown with them was the most exciting and emotional experience of my life, and I will never forget what they did for me. They are very close friends of mine and have been for the last 15 years. The minute I got engaged, they said they would love to design my wedding dress. I was thrilled — their taste is impeccable, and I really trust them. Their team was so incredible and patient with me. They were always so calming and made the process incredibly enjoyable.”

Molly and her husband, producer Asher Levin, wed at the Paramour Mansion in Los Angeles in front of 130 guests (including Molly’s grandmother Steve Nicks) and dined on food including slow-cooked salmon, flank steak and broccolini with white beans.

See more photos of Molly and Asher’s beautiful wedding, photographed by Heather Kincaid, below:

Mary-Kate Olsen Wedding Dress: Heather Kincaid /

Heather Kincaid for Vogue

Mary-Kate Olsen Wedding Dress: Heather Kincaid /

Heather Kincaid for Vogue

Mary-Kate Olsen Wedding Dress: Heather Kincaid /

Heather Kincaid for Vogue

Mary-Kate Olsen Wedding Dress: Heather Kincaid /

Heather Kincaid for Vogue

Mary-Kate Olsen Wedding Dress: Heather Kincaid /

Heather Kincaid for Vogue

Mary-Kate Olsen Wedding Dress: Heather Kincaid /

Heather Kincaid

 Tell us Knotties, what do you think of the Olsen’s first wedding dress design?


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