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Steal Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Workout Playlist!

Kim Kardashian’s wedding on May 24 is only a month away, so what do we expect the fitness-loving reality star to be doing before she walks down the aisle? Working out, of course! On a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim and her sisters went to the Beverly Hills SoulCycle for a little pre-wedding spin class.


Luckily, LA SoulCycle instructor Ben Bruker knew we’d want to know what gets Kim’s wheels spinning, so he created an exclusive Kim playlist that’s meant to make you feel “powerful,” according to Harper’s Bazaar. Would Kim really want to feel any other way?

You can get Ben’s playlist here:

Also, try some of these Knottie-approved tracks for more wedding workout playlist choices:

Blackout album (Britney Spears)
“Le Disko” (Shiny Toy Guns)
“Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex” (CSS)
“Living Dead Girl” (Rob Zombie)
“Walls” (Emery)
“1 2 3 4″ (Feist)
“Fergalicious” (Fergie)
“Beat of My Heart” (Hilary Duff)
“My Love” (Justin Timberlake)
“SexyBack” (Justin Timberlake)
“Crawling” (Linkin Park)
“Oh My God” (Mark Ronson featuring Lily Allen)
“Stop Me” (Mark Ronson featuring Daniel Merriweather)
“Hypnotize” (Notorious B.I.G.)
“Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off” (Panic! At The Disco)
“Shut Up and Drive” (Rihanna)
“Umbrella” (Rihanna)
“Play With Fire” (Hilary Duff)
“Call on Me” (Eric Prydz)
“It Feels So Good” (Sonique)
“Pump It” (The Black Eyed Peas)
“From Yesterday” (30 Seconds to Mars)
“The Kill” (30 Seconds to Mars)
“Desert Rose” (Sting)

Are there any songs you’d add to this list? Share them below!

15 Stages Every Groom Goes Through in GIFs

We already told you the 15 stages every bride goes through when planning a wedding, but what about grooms? The whole wedding planning process is hard for them too (sometimes), and they have a totally different way of dealing with it.

1. Right before he proposed


2. When you said yes


3. When you asked him whether he preferred letterpress or engraved invitations


4. When you showed him your wedding planning checklist


5. When you asked him whether he wanted formal, black-tie, or semi-formal


6. When he asked his groomsmen


7. When you told him how much the wedding would probably cost


8. When you went to your first cake tasting


9. When you went to your first dance lesson


10. When he tried on his tux for the first time


11. When you asked him whether he thought you should have menu cards at each place setting


12. The morning of the wedding


13. At your engagement party when you introduced him to the aunties and uncles


14. When he saw you in your dress for the first time


15. Your wedding night


Has your groom displayed any of these emotions? Share Below!

See Jenny McCarthy’s Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring (and Get the Look!)

There’s just no other way to put this: Jenny McCarthy’s engagement ring is crazy spectacular! The View co-host announced her engagement to actor Donnie Wahlberg on the show this week, and said that her son, Evan, was involved in helping Donnie propose by carrying the ring to her. However, it’s a wonder that he didn’t drop it, since the massive yellow sapphire sparkler clocks in at over 10 carats!


“The band is 18-karat white gold although you can’t see the band because it’s covered with diamonds. We did a custom basket for the sapphire. There is a row of diamonds around the centre and from the side view there is a custom made gallery of diamonds,” says the ring’s designer, Daniel Arik, to E!.

Keep scrolling to get Jenny’s engagement ring look and check out these amazing stones!

Cushion-Cut Yellow Diamond Ring

Ring: Tiffany & Co. — Soleste Yellow Diamond Ring, $POA

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring


Ring: Australian Diamond Brokers — Yellow Electra, $POA

Yellow Heliodor Ring

Ring: Bill Hicks — Yellow Heliodor & Diamond Ring, from $7,780

Cascading Yellow Diamonds

Ring: Monroe York Diamonds — Belluno Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring, from $7,495

 Does your dream engagement ring feature yellow stones?

These 4 Couples Got Engaged at the Boston Marathon (With 2 Finish Line Proposals Included!)

During the Boston Marathon over the weekend, it was all about spreading love — literally. Because last year’s bombings had an enormous impact on survivor’s relationships , four sweet couples got engaged during the marathon! See each couple’s photo below— but as a warning, you may need a tissue or two for some happy tears!

Greg Picklesimer and Carla White

boston1Photo: Twitter

Greg proposed to Carla after he finished the marathon and told CBS Boston, “After last year I realised the people you love and your life can be taken so easily, so quickly. I didn’t want to lose that so I decided to come back and seal the deal.”

Greg Hartline and Kendra

boston2Photo: Twitter

Greg proposed to Kendra after the marathon, maybe choosing to catch his breath first!

John Volkman and Jodi Nili

boston3Photo: The Fresno Bee

John proposed to Jodi during his 16th (!) marathon at the top of Heartbreak Hill. “Heartbreak Hill never seemed so easy. Of the 16 times up Heartbreak Hill, this was the most rewarding. It was pretty amazing,” John told The Fresno Bee.

Tom Louden and Mary

boston4Photos: Twitter

Even though Tom couldn’t run his seventh marathon this year because of an injury, he proposed to Mary before the race started at the finish line.


3 Engagement Ring Trends We’re Loving

While we must admit, we love pretty much all sparkly diamond rings, these three trends are really standing out at The Knot HQ!

Split Shank

Engagement Ring: Tiffany & Co. – Lucida,  from $17,100

We’ve been seeing more and more splint shank engagement rings cropping up from some our favourite designers- and we’re loving it. This twist is practical too, if you’re lucky enough to have a large diamond, a split shank balances out a large rock and show it off better than a wide clunky band.


Engagement ring: Australian Diamond Brokers – Marquise, $POA

Not only is the marquise shape high on our list of favourite shapes because of it’s elegance and stylish appearance, but also because this particular shape is known to make smaller stones appear larger.

Multiple Diamonds

Engagement Ring: Bill Hicks Jewellery Design — Trilogy, from $25,000

Why have just one diamond when you can have lots? This is a great solution for brides who want a lot of sparkle on their engagement ring but can’t afford a large rock.

Does your engagement ring fit into any of these trends? Which of these is more your style?

We’re Kind of Obsessed With These Adorable Puppy Wedding Pics

There comes a time in every dog’s life when he knows it’s not just puppy love and decides to propose to his furry soul mate, which is just what Pete did for Tally. Although he has four legs, Pete sat on two and asked Tally to marry him and be his wife for many dog years to come.

puppypromoPhoto: Pete and Tally

And being the modern pups that they are, Pete and Tally documented their love on Instagram with a picture timeline leading up to their wedding day and romantic honeymoon, complete with rose petals on the bed.

Here are more pictures from Pete and Tally’s sweet road to the altar:







076076e0be7011e3a58e1245e04f45c6_8      fe9b407ac1c711e3b89a0002c955b9b4_8

Photos: Instagram

Is this the cutest wedding ever?!

Stylish Just Married Sign Ideas

Gone are the days of spray painting (or putting whipped cream) on the back window of a car, these days a ‘Just Married’ sign is a wedding reception staple. Your ‘Just Married’ sign will be a great prop to use for your wedding photos and will give a pop of colour and texture to your wedding decor. Be inspired by some of the creative ways couples have shown off their newly married status.

Photo: Jagger Photography

just hitchedPhoto: Christian Oth Studio

golf cardPhoto: Asparagus Studio

heart signPhoto: Strickler Photography

Photo: Millie Holloman Photography

Photo: Jodi Miller Photography

Will you be using a ‘Just Married’ sign on your wedding day?

This Luxurious French Chateau Is Where Kim and Kanye Will Likely Get Married

After many months of speculation about exactly where Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will get married in France on May 24, we think this is the place…err, chateau! During a recent trip to Paris (a little last-minute wedding planning, we’re guessing) Kim was photographed at the Chateau Louis XIV, located in Louveciennes, about 20 minutes from Paris.

Us Weekly and the Daily Mail both reported that Kim was there for an hour to tour the property that was built six years ago and was built to look like a 17th century castle with added modern amenities. Could be good for a camera crew and a large guest list!

Chateau Louis XIV also has a labyrinth, gardens, an underwater room, stables, a wine cellar, a ceiling mural, a movie theater and huge fountains. So basically, we can’t wait to see their wedding photos.

Keep scrolling to see more photos of Chateau Louis XIV:





Photos: Chateau Louis XIV

What do you think of this Chateau as a wedding venue? 

This Is What Happens When Taylor Swift Attends a Bridal Shower

It seems that Taylor Swift would fit in nicely at a bridal shower, since she ‘s always wearing a pastel tea-length dress and is darn good at baking cookies (at least from what we see on Instagram). Now, thanks to one of Taylor’s biggest fans, Gena Gabrielle, we can see how T-Swift parties with a bride-to-be, since Gena asked Taylor to come to her wedding one day when they met in 2007 at a meet-and-greet.

Taylor couldn’t attend Gena’s wedding in May, so she did the next best thing and came to Gena’s shower in Ohio bearing a KitchenAid mixer, homemade cookies, a homemade picture and tons of other kitchen wares! Taylor and Gena looked all kinds of adorable posing together.

Here are some more cute pics from Gena’s shower:








Photos: Instagram/genagabrielle

If you could ask a celebrity to attend your bridal shower, who would it be?

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Got Married (But Aaron Missed the Wedding!)

It seems like a true Backstreet Boys wedding would include all five members of the band — and a certain famous little brother. However, Nick Carter married his longtime girlfriend, fitness expert Lauren Kitt, over the weekend in California without Aaron Carter present. Aaron was under contract to appear at the Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington, D.C. before wedding plans were made and missed the ceremony trying to fly back.

nickPhoto: Hector Campos/Splash News

“Really pissed off that I missed my brothers wedding today.. i hope he doesn’t hate me .. I tried to get there… I’m sorry bro @nickcarter  #technicalProblems,” Aaron tweeted

However, Nick may not have cared since he tweeted “Happiest day of my life 4-12-2014 I married my best friend and woman of my dreams. Lauren Kitt Carter honeymoon time!”

Nick and Lauren got married beneath an altar of roses and hydrangeas withAJ McLean, Howie Dorough and Brian Littrell present. Guess Kevin Richardson couldn’t make it either?

AJ’s daughter Ava served as the flower girl, and he told People that it was a “beautiful” and “rustic”wedding.

“We’re all family. We’re all brothers,” AJ says. “To see our little baby brother finally make that big, big final step. Next step is having kids. Obviously they just got married, so obviously take your time.”

Knotties, have you ever had to miss a wedding that you really wanted to be at? 


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